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Oldest Civilization into the World is situated in Nigeria

site webThe Nok civilization is one of the earliest worldwide. Many artifacts found goes back to around 500 BC.

Land of Butterflies

Nigeria has the number that is largest of butterfly species in the world, particularly in the Calabar.

Second Biggest Film industry on the planet

In 2009, UNESCO declared The Nigerian film industry as the 2nd production unit that is largest in terms of production in the world after Asia's Bollywood. Popularly referred to as Nollywood, it really is creating more films than Hollywood.

Longest connection in Africa is in Nigeria

The next Mainland Bridge connecting Lagos to the mainland could be the bridge that is longest in Africa calculating around 11.8 km. The connection had been constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and exposed by President Ibrahim Babangida in 1990.
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Thus, the Movie Founding Fathers begun to square up to the challenges of recouping their assets, which slowly became practically an task that is impossible an anthem they constantly rendered much towards the discomfort of potential financers. They counted their losses and licked their wounds sustained in the battle that is financial every movie they released. The deluge of VCRS in the 80's created a paradigm change through the Cine to your VHS format, which made productions easier, faster and cheaper with a milestone when compared with the previous. Cinema houses and other Exhibition centers had been finally shut down and the Baton of Cine film making slipped from the arms of the Founding founders as they attempted at hand throughout the movie baton towards the generation that is next the stipulated Baton Exchange Zone. The dream of learning to be a re-nowned Movie Industry was shattered once the flow of the Film Relay cycle was broken.

Residence Videos were produced which served instead of the cinemas, while the true name obviously is due to the truth that you can seat within the convenience of your home and watch the flicks stated in the VHS format via your VCR. Filmmakers capitalized in the gains of the Home Video concept offered, and started producing movies making use of the Yoruba language because the means of communication. However, the season "1992" has overtime been commonly accepted because the triggering duration of Home Video productions, with Ken Nnebue's "Living in Bondage" considered the first movie made for commercial purposes using the Igbo/English language.